LaMond Family Medicine

Hendersonville, NC
5 employees; 2 medical providers


Situation: LaMond Family Medicine worked with another practice management company and employed a different office manager prior to hiring Current Medical Services. They were facing many challenges, including an inefficient revenue cycle management system, lack of transparency with the revenue management system, and providers unable to fully maximize their ability to provide medical care.

Outcome: CMS activated a robust Revenue Cycle Management process, which includes the following ongoing services: staff training on coding, chart audits, provider credentialing and integration of updates/changes to the EHR system. As a result, cash flow and profitability increased, along with provider productivity.

CMS currently provides full practice management to LaMond Family Medicine, including:

  • Revenue Cycle Management, including: coding, chart audits, provider credentialing, integration of updates/changes to EHR system, changes to ICD and CPT codes, revision of taxonomy codes, active management of Accounts Receivable, for patients and insurance providers
  • Human Resources/Payroll Services, including administration of employee benefits
  • Legal Counsel
  • Practice visioning/growth strategies

“The team at CMS has been very professional and easy to work with as we recently expanded our practice.  We enjoy utilizing their billing services in order to focus on what our staff is trained to do – provide excellent medical care to our patients.”

-Dr. David LaMond, LaMond Family Medicine